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Article: vision

This is an article from the Vision magazine.

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Article: inventing cannot do without problems

This is an article from the Noordhollandsdagblad

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Article: the power of Kramer

This is an article from the Dutch Order of Inventors magazine. Source: Dutch order of inventors. Download the PDF version of this newspaper article.

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Newspaper article: Waste separation does not resemble anything in Den Helder

Why a fourth waste bin? If it can be much cheaper and better with the plastic hero. DEN HELDER - The waste separation in Den Helder doesn’t look positive. The government wants cities, by order of a fine, to separate 75% of household waste in 2020 ...  

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Mega success: Den Helder pilot

106% more supply in 4 months in the Den Helder pilot. Also possible in your municipality? In 4 months, the supply of separated plastic waste, more than double to see is that possible? It happened in a pilot from Den Helder. Why would you ...

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Newspaper article: Unfortunately, green container for residents’ apartments is no longer

A hundred percent separation of my waste at home for a hundred days? That will therefore not work. Not because I don't want to, but because it's not possible. Because the green container is no longer ... I am quite a good waste separator. Bottles in the glass bin, newspapers in ...

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Newspaper article: Trial with plastic hook from inventor Den Helder

DEN HELDER - The municipality will try the Collector in Tuindorp for a few months. The Collector is a suspension hook for bags with plastic waste, invented by the inventor Helderse Bertus Kramer. By Petra Bies - 1/14/2016, 11:48 AM (Update ...

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Newspaper article: Oranje Collector makes plastic harvest grow considerably in Den Helder

This is an article from the Dutch Order of Inventors magazine. Source: Dutch order of inventors Download the PDF version of this newspaper article. 
Source: Noordhollands Dagblad

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