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Mega success: Pilot Den Helder

106% more supply in 4 months in the Den Helder pilot.

Also possible in your municipality? 
The supply of separated plastic waste in 4 months 
is it possible to see more than double that?

It happened in a pilot from Den Helder. 
Why should your municipality not be able to experience this? 
And not through expensive containers and time-consuming collection methods. 
Have you already heard how residents think about all those trays in the garden and then another one is coming.

We had to do this in Den Helder.

1. The inventor announced the mission and the collector with media attention. 
2. And here too, we focus on the collector's mission. 
3. Media attention announced to launch the community to a pilot with the collector. 
4. Residents of the pilot received a letter from the municipality about how and what. 
5. The following week the collectors are mounted on the posts on the street. 
6. In the following week, residents received a free marketing collector at home with a personal letter   (click here)   from him. 
In which He shared his anxious and inspired heart and mission for the earth and people. 
And ends   "With a tidy greeting, the Collector".

Here the collector and the marketing system proved to motivate the people in this pilot in such a way that the supply more than doubled in 4 months. 
The municipality of Den Helder has therefore decided, considering all the results, to regard the pilot as successful early. 
And has commissioned to assemble collectors elsewhere in Den Helder.

A very affordable solution with a great result on all aspects.

And that with a tidy street scene. 
The bags no longer need to be tied up, the bags no longer blow away!! 
And therefore, no more time has to be loosened. 
The collectors no longer have to stoop or pull the bags loose or cut. 
So that the working conditions of their work improved by 60/80 % in terms of back load.

So, through the orange Hero the collector. 
Make the earth greener. 
And the return yield is less red

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