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Newspaper article: Trial with plastic hook from inventor Den Helder

DEN HELDER - The municipality will try the Collector in Tuindorp for a few months. The Collector is a suspension hook for bags with plastic waste, invented by the inventor Helderse Bertus Kramer.

By Petra Bies - 1/14/2016, 11:48 AM (Update 1/14/2016, 11:48 AM) 
The test will be held in a part of Tuindorp until June: 12 February is the first collection round, the first hooks will be hung January 21.

The Collector is a striking orange hook, inspired by the campaign man from Plastic Hero. Local residents can hang their bags with plastic just before a collection round. The hook prevents bags from blowing away and picking up can happen quickly, according to Kramer, because all bags can be removed from the hook in one movement.

Kramer expects to remove bottlenecks from the plastic collection. Moreover, the plastic males on the posts, constantly remind us of the usefulness of waste separation. Far too little plastic is currently offered separately in the naval city.

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