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Newspaper article: Unfortunately, green container for residents’ apartments is no longer

A hundred percent separation of my waste at home for a hundred days? That will therefore not work. Not because I don't want to, but because it's not possible. Because the green container is no longer here…

I'm quite a good waste separator. Bottles in the glass bin, newspapers in the paper box and the plastic goes apart since Plastic Hero got up. But keeping it separate was a little too much for me.

Ever tried, in such a mini bucket. But there are three flights of stairs between the kitchen in my upstairs apartment and the collection container on the square further down. I think about a hundred meters. And that bucket was full in no time. One evening, when I tossed my container full of potato peels and pineapple remnants through the rain to the container, I thought that I was starting to look like the pathetic girl with the sulphur sticks and I decided that a person can also be too good. In other words: I quit.

But, if you promise that you will try to separate your waste 100 percent, then you should do that too. So, in week one I weighed my orange peels, cauliflower stump and some of those remains. And I dragged it to the green container, the back of the row on the square. 


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