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Innotech Kramer

Invent on order

Invent on order, what does that mean? 
I will mention a few options;

1. You can see that there are market opportunities somewhere. But then a number of conditions must be met. And of course, score a new innovative system and product that no one else has.

2. Or you have other wishes. You want your production or system of work; 
make it health and safety at work, but then workable, have faster, more accurate, easier, simpler or you have other wishes. 


You are therefore looking for good and thorough solutions to problems, improvements or problems.



If someone starts working on it, it will always cost time and therefore money. 

And the end is often difficult to estimate, and that also applies to the end result. 

What is a good solution here.



You simply give the problem to me, it is also safe there and I also sign for it.

I think about what I can improve for you. 
So far it doesn't cost any money. Although there must be an intention to create a win- win situation for both of us with a good solution. 

If all goes well you as a company have already thought about what the current problem costs in terms of time and money etc. and what an advantage, for example, is speed. 

We agree on what it may cost per goal that I achieve. The goals are well described. But even if I achieve more than the goals set with your approval, because that is usually the case. 

During the second interview you will hear which goals I think I will achieve.

We agree on what it may cost per goal that I achieve. 

This is of course just a scenario, every situation and every company has different needs.


When I get results I feed this back to you.


I almost always build the solution in 3d and also test it in 3d



In addition, I usually make all my prototypes myself and I also test them for a longer period of time in practice.


So that possible teething problems come to the fore in practice and of course an inventor’s head always goes on, for the best possible end product. 

That makes our heart beat faster.



Go with that train

Then I regularly hear quickly I actually have a problem for you.

My role is tuned to the customer, if they can execute parts themselves in the process, for example making prototypes, that of course always makes a difference. 

I can work independently very well but, in a team context also has its advantages.

What is your idea or question?

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Leave your wishes here and we will see what we can do for each other!

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