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 These inventions are searching for a businessmen/ woman

Bertus Kramer

And wazem / range hood does its job so well that after 2.5 hours baking donuts, someone comes from outside and no smell, and therefore is neutral energy.

A protection from coming in between small children's hands. this protection is not for the hinge side, there are others for that.

An insulation of for example 2 mm thick that becomes 70 mm thick just before installation but insulated as 11 cm glass wool.

An underwater "plastic brake bank" to free the Wadden Sea from plastic that has recently been scattered across the Wadden Sea by boat accident.

A bamboo cutting block with built-in waste collection bin.

A quick and affordable solution to the problem that makes you happy.

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Tel: 0031 223707027                0031 655825046   
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Tel: 0031 223707027                0031 655825046

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