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Disassemble wheelie bin wheels

Disassemble wheelie bin wheels safely and quickly for recycling with the WCR container wheel press.

We have developed the WCR Press for removing the wheels from a wheelie bin. This container wheel press separates all parts per wheel in 3 seconds.

To be able to recycle the containers, the wheelie bin wheels must first be dismantled. With this wheelie bin wheel press, the disassembly of the wheels of a wheelie bin is safe and easy and the parts are disassembled into 3 recyclable waste streams: plastic, metal and rubber.
After this, the Kliko containers can easily be stacked in each other to be disposed of for recycling.

The WCR Press is covered by a Dutch patent and a European patent pending and has received a positive European research report.

Advantages WCR Press

Complete disassemble wheelie bin wheels in 3 seconds

Introduction WCR press

Developed for and with recycling companies

When a Dutch recycling company approached Bertus Kramer to make recycling containers easier, he came up with the WCR Press. Previously, removing the wheels and axle from the container took a lot of time and physical effort and not without danger. With the WCR Press, only 1 person is needed to remove the wheels and separate the different materials from the container. And all this in just 3 seconds at the touch of a button.

Recycling just got a lot easier! Thanks to the WCR Press, all container materials can now be easily separated from each other and with minimal physical effort on the part of the operator. Corporate social responsibility and economic benefit go hand in hand when you work with the WCR Press.

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1. Speed ​​and better recycling

Complete wheel disassembly in 3 a 4 seconds

Advantages of the wcr press The wcr press is solely designed to make removal of wheels from containers easy. Designed and tested for practical application, the wcr press has several advantages:

The advantages at a glance:

  • In 3 a 4 seconds, all materials can be separated from each other and can be sold as raw materials without post-treatment.
    Good separation means that no more deposit costs for residual waste.
  • Removing the wheels from the axle and the rubber half wheels will reduce the transport volume by approximately 40%.
  • Fewer environmental movements are required.The WCR Press power unit is available in 3 versions powered by 230v, 400v or a petrol engine.

2. Ease of use and and safety

The WCR Press does the heavy lifting for you. This means that recycling a container is considerably less burdensome for you and your staff. Not only do you comply with the working conditions, but you also stimulate better recycling of the containers.

The WCR press does the following for you:

  • All parts are on a stainless steel cart with large wheels which can be easily driven to the bins.
  • 1 employee can set it up within minutes and use it within the health and safety standards.
  • No cables or pipes need to be connected except for the power supply of 400v cable.
  • The pump unit has hoses and cables of 3 meters long and gives the user freedom of movement.
  • Phase protection prevents damage due to incorrect connection and the special plug makes changing current pins child's play.
  • Easy to adjust pressure with 3 preset pressure settings.
  • The switch box provides feedback and / or status of the WCR Press and any malfunctions by means of buttons and lamps.
  • PLC keeps track of the number of cuts.
  • There is a special rust chipping hammer at working conditions height, so that the rusty ashes can be quickly and professionally removed from the container.

Checkout the WCR Press instruction movie!

Bad weather video from friend by protoyype WCR Press with gasoline engine

3. Security

Recycling a container is considerably less stressful for your staff

User safety is central to the design of the WCR press. Please note that the design is specifically intended for 1 person operation. Operation should always be done by a trained user and no other persons should be close to the WCR press during use. Consult the manual for instructions on safe use.

Safety for the user is achieved through the following points:

  • If there is a complete wheel in the machine, the knife is protected all around by stainless steel protection plates.
  • The cutting blade can only be operated when there is a product in the press. A sensor checks whether this is the case. If not, the press will not work.
  • Before the press can be used, the user must press the dual controls, ie a button and a foot switch at the same time. If not, the press will not work.
  • When one of the control switches is intentionally locked, the computer will detect it and will not operate again. Bridging is not possible.
  • The hand control is mounted at a height of 130 cm. This greatly limits the ability for the user to manually approach the press during use.
  • There is an emergency button on the pole that switches everything off. Then only switch on electrically again by pressing the button on the switch panel.
  • When one of the control switches is no longer pressed, the knife stops immediately. • When the control is switched on again, the knife will first return to the safe starting position after switching on. After that, the operating process must be repeated.
  • The foot control has a metal guard to prevent accidental activation of the press.
  • The hydraulic hoses have a protective cover to prevent damage and wear. Always have hydraulic hoses checked regularly by an expert for possible damage.
  • The electric cables have a plastic protective cover to prevent damage and wear.
  • Everything is controlled by a PLC and certified safety components.
  • The 3 sec WCR press carries a CE mark.
  • Built to safety performers level C.

4. Solidity and durability

The WCR Press is designed not only to make operation as easy as possible for the user, but also for use in the real world of the workshop, both indoors and outdoors. That is why sustainable materials have been chosen:

  • The metal construction of the unit is mainly made of stainless steel 304.
  • The hydraulic tank is made of cast aluminum.
  • The cutting blade is made of wear-resistant steel and can be ground back to as much as 15mm before it needs to be replaced.
  • A maintenance kit is available to replace the cutting blade and HDPE guides.
  • All HDPE guides in the press are self-lubricating and should only be kept clean to maintain good condition.
  • Replacement can be done by the user and takes about 30 minutes.
  • All other parts are from well-known brands and available all over the world.
  • The pump unit has a special flexible transmission in order to achieve the longest possible life.
  • The cables and hoses are provided with an extra protective jacket.
  • The large wheels are mounted on bearings and can bear up to 250 kg each.
  • The phase protection protects the whole unit against incorrectly connected power supply.

5. Simple step-by-step plan for use

Consult the manual for a detailed description and safe operation of the 3 sec WCR press. Operating the press can be summarized in the following steps:

  1. Drive the wheel of the container into the press and hold the container in position by the handle with 1 hand.
  2. Press the control knock near the emergency switch and simultaneously press and hold the foot pedal with your foot.
  3. The WCR press will now automatically cut and separate the axle from the wheel. Then it will return to its starting position and turn off the controls. if you release the control too soon, it stops immediately.
  4. When the control is switched on again, the knife will first return to the safe starting position after switching on. Then the process starts again at step 2.
  5. Lay the container on its side.
  6. Remove the wheel with axle from the container and, if necessary, use the specially designed chipping hammer.
  7. Point the special axle holder upwards and manually place the axle with wheel (with the wheel side) in the press.
  8. Repeat step 2.
  9. Clean up the raw materials and put them in separate containers.

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