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Plastic Heroes

Plastic Heroes is the collection system for plastic packaging, such as small PET bottles, butter tubs and flasks. 

The collector is a cheerful 3d hook, for offering your separated plastic waste to the public highway. And at home with consumers in the shed, kitchen or outside on the fence. 

The collector is a plastic hero. This one Plastic hero is the icon for separating waste in the Netherlands. 

The collector is also part of a complete collection system (see other items). And, unlike other hooks in the market, it can also be securely mounted on very thin posts. And for example. The traffic signs with small diameters often have the ideal gathering place. The collection wagon does not come in every street, so the bags from that other street must also hang at that intersection.       

The collector is confirmed; 
At the poles on the public road, by means of a stainless-steel tire system that is also used for the traffic signs, for the collection of the separated plastic waste. In the private situation of residents, the collector can also be screwed onto a background. Or by means of a hose clamp, of max. 10 mm wide. The collector is very capable of holding the bags. Even in strong winds without being tied up. Because of its 3d hook construction. When the bags have to be taken off again, that will have to happen straight up.    

If you want to screw it tight, it is handy, first from the back. In the screw holes, turn a screw. So that the screw holes are visible on the front. At gathering places, corners and at alleys 3 collectors per pole. In between 2 collectors per pole in the street. Capacity per pole; 18 of the largest bags. In practice, people then tie their bags to the hanged bags. And so, the Capacity is increased.         

Plastic Collector

Handig, slim en ook gewoon mooi! Plastic afval scheiden wordt dankzij de Plastic Hero super makkelijk

Handy, smart and also just beautiful.

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De retrieval hook

Wilt u ook ARBO verantwoord afval ophalen? Gebruik dan nu de collector heroes met de speciale ophaal haak v

The health and safety collection hook with safe cutting device.

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De stainless-steel buckle for the lifting hook

Dit is de ophanggesp voor de ophaalhaak, voor een zeer comfortabele riem van 6 cm breed.

This is the suspension buckle for the lifting hook, for a very comfortable belt of 6cm wide.

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Comfortable tool belt

Speciale comfortabele gereedschapsriem voor de gesp. Waardoor je plastic afval makkeliijk verplaatst

Special comfortable tool belt for the buckle.

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Demonstration of collector hero’s system

Demonstration of the plastic collector

Demonstration of the lifting hook with safe cutting device

Demonstration of the collector at your home

The benefits of collector heroes


Occupational health and safety irresponsible to have to stoop 


The most ideal occupational health and safety position, and the weight already at height.


It's a mess.


Cleaned up street scene.

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