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Disassemble wheelie bin wheels

Disassemble wheelie bin wheels safely and quickly for recycling with the CWR-Press (Container Wheel Recycle Press).

We have developed the CWR-Press for removing the wheels from a wheelie bin and loose wheels from the axle. This container wheel press separates all parts per wheel in 3 seconds.

To be able to recycle the containers, the wheelie bin wheels must first be dismantled. With this wheelie bin wheel press, the disassembly of the wheels of a wheelie bin and loose wheels from the exle is safe and easy. The parts are disassembled into 3 recyclable waste streams: plastic, metal and rubber.
After this, the Kliko containers can easily be stacked in each other to be disposed of for recycling.

The CWR-Press is covered by a patent.

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Benefits CWR-Press

Complete disassemble wheelie bin wheels in 3 seconds per wheel.

  1. Lesser impact on the environment
  2. Faster and better recycling
  3. User friendly
  4. Safer work environment
  5. Solidity and durability
  6. Immediately separating the rubber, plastics, and metal
  7. Lower labor cost
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Introduction CWR-Press

Developed for and with recycling companies

When a Dutch recycling company approached Bertus Kramer to make recycling containers easier, he came up with the CWR-Press. Previously, removing the wheels and axle from the container took a lot of time and physical effort and not without danger. With the CWR-Press, only 1 person is needed to remove the wheels and separate the different materials from the container. And all this in just 3 seconds at the touch of a button.

Recycling just got a lot easier! Thanks to the CWR-Press, all container materials can now be easily separated from each other and with minimal physical effort on the part of the operator. Corporate social responsibility and economic benefit go hand in hand when you work with the CWR-Press.

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1. Lesser impact on the environment

Complete circular entrepreneurship

  • Removing the wheels from the axle and the rubber half wheels will reduce the transport volume by approximately 40%/60%.
  • Fewer environmental movements are required.
  • Circularity improves greatly.

2. Faster ​​and better recycling

Complete wheel disassembly in 3 seconds

The CWR-Press does the following for you:

  • In 3 seconds, all materials can be separated from each other and can be sold as raw materials without post-treatment.
  • The CWR-Press power unit equipped with a 400v and 4kw engine. presses 6.5 tons safe and quickly in 3 seconds.
  • Efficient use of the CWR-Press makes it possible to completely process a loose wheel with axle in 6-8 seconds. This amounts to approximately 450 wheels per hour, while the material are completely separated and sorted.
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3. User friendly

The CWR-Press does the heavy work for you. This means that recycling a container and/or a loose wheel is considerably less burdensome for you and your staff. Not only do you comply with the working conditions, but you also stimulate better recycling of the containers.

4. Safe work environment

Because the machine does almost all the work there is a much saver work environment. No heavy duty hammering or pressing by hand when bend over. U can now stand up straight and roll the container in the right position or place the axle with wheel on the special axle support, Pull the operation handle to press out the metal and separate the plastic and rubber. This gives a low risk of injuries and better physical conditions to work in.

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5. Solidity and durability

Due to the stainless-steel construction and the low number of technical parts the CWR-Press is very durable and strong. That makes it a machine which works for a long period of time. The first machines are in use since 2019 and still work without problems 

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6. Immediately separating the rubber, plastics, and metal

In one motion the CWR-Press presses out the metal and the rubber from the plastic so it can directly be stored separately and made ready for recycling. Most of the time there is only one wheel separated from the container and the rubber remains on the plastic rim. This makes it harder to recycle the wheel. The storage contains a much higher volume and therefor more environment movements due to transport. With the CWR-Press it is now possible to create new methods for the full recycling of every part of the wheelie bin.

7. Less labor costs

With the CWR-Press u can separate a wheel from the wheelie bin in 3 seconds. Therefor the number of bins to be undone of the wheel increase massively and therefor there is less time needed to separate the wheels and make the bin ready for recycling. Due to the less time needed there is fewer labor costs. Because of this the CWR-Press is an investment that will repay itself.

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